DustPy Documentation

DustPy is a Python package to simulate the evolution of dust in protoplanetary disks.
This documentation is for DustPy v1.0.5.
DustPy simulates the radial evolution of gas and dust in protoplanetary disks, including viscous evolution of the gas, advection and diffusion of the dust, as well as dust growth by solving the Smoluchowski equation.
DustPy has been published in Stammler & Birnstiel (2022).
DustPy can be installed via the Python Package Index
pip install dustpy
DustPy requires a Python3 distribution and a Fortran compiler.
DustPy is based on the Simframe framework for scientific simulation (Stammler & Birnstiel 2022).
Please have a look at the Simframe Documentation for details of its usage.
dustpylib is a collection of auxiliary tools and extensions for DustPy, containing for example interfaces to radiative transfer codes.
For more details, please have a look at the dustpylinbdocumentation.


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